Zach Bryan spotlights a family funeral in "Pink Skies"

Courtesy of Belting Bronco Records/Warner Records

Zach Bryan's "Pink Skies" may be about a family funeral, but not his.

The track, which arrived Friday, paints a scene of children and family members gathering for their kinfolk's funeral.

"The kids are in town for a funeral/ So pack the car and dry your eyes/ I know they got plenty of young blood left in 'em/ And plenty nights under pink skies you taught 'em to enjoy," Zach sings in the opening verse.

"If you could see 'em now, you'd be proud/ But you'd think they's yuppiеs/ Your funeral was beautiful/ I bet God hеard you comin'," he continues over a folk production led by the guitar and harmonica.

Zach, however, hopped on social platform X to clarify that the song's not autobiographical or paying direct homage to his late mom, who passed away in 2016.

"Pink Skies wasn’t inspired by my story. Everytime I sing about someone dying people assume it’s about my mom, this definitely was not," he says. "I just think all the dynamics in families are beautiful and interesting and generationally it’s a really cool thing."

While it's unclear if "Pink Skies" will be on Zach's next album, he did offer new details about the forthcoming project.

"16 songs and a poem! Proudest I’ve ever been of a piece of work," Zach told a fan when asked about the album's length.

"Guys I’m teasing no body, I write and record music reckless and fast, just got the record finished so it’ll be dropped on someone’s head any day now," Zach added in a separate X post. "I truly want to just say thank you for being so kind and patient, I’m really freaking grateful lately."

Zach's latest album is his 2023 self-titled record, which spawned the Grammy-winning "I Remember Everything."

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