'Yellowstone' returns on Nov. 10

Paramount Network

Paramount Network announced Thursday that Yellowstone will finally return to TV on Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. ET.

The new episodes of the top-ranking TV drama will kick off the second half of the series' fifth and final season.

"The wait is over," a voice-over says in a teaser showing the red-hot, now-iconic brand of the Dutton's ranch, before teasing the "epic return" of the series.

The show's fifth season, which was delayed by the dual Hollywood strikes, is still in production in Montana.

With a start date now set, fans are left to wonder what will become of Kevin Costner's John Dutton. To People, he recently said he'd welcome a chance to return, despite rumors — which he denied, and about which he said left him "disappointed" — that working on his Horizon film sidetracked production of the show.

"It might be an interesting moment to come back and finish the mythology of this modern-day family," Costner said. "And if that happens, I would step into it if I agreed with how it was being done."

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