Why Joey Fatone kept recent *NSYNC reunion a secret from his mom and dad

Luca Venter

The *NSYNC reunion at Justin Timberlake's show in LA on March 13 came as a surprise to the audience. It was such a secret, Joey Fatone didn't even tell his mom and dad that it was happening.

Appearing on The Jennifer Hudson Show with his current tour mate, AJ McLean, Joey said, "I didn’t tell nobody. I didn't even tell my parents. My father has a very large mouth ... he’s very proud, he likes to tell anybody, 'Oh, by the way...'"

“My mom would always be quiet, but I always have to tell them, like, right before or right after,” he added. “I didn’t tell my publicist; I didn’t tell nobody!"

Asked how it felt, Joey told Jennifer, "It was really exciting, it was kinda just fun ... it was just one of those things where Justin asked us to do the show. We’re like, ‘Yeah, why not?' And then we kind of played some old-school stuff, and people went crazy.”

AJ, meanwhile, said he didn't know about the reunion until he went backstage before the show and saw Joey and Lance Bass. During the performance, AJ said he was "dead center" and added, "It was awesome ... when they all walked out, the screams were unbelievable. They didn't miss a beat. Honestly."

In addition to their song "Paradise" on Justin's new album, the group also sang "It's Gonna Be Me" and snippets of "Girlfriend" and "Bye Bye Bye."

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