Which job is harder -- being in a NASCAR pit crew or a college football team? Chase Rice weighs in

Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Chase Rice held quite a few interesting jobs before becoming a country star, including lots of high-profile gigs, like being on reality TV.

But when it comes down to the toughest jobs he’s ever worked, Chase says that nothing compares to being a college football athlete -- not even working on a NASCAR pit crew.

“The hardest job I ever had was college football,” says the singer, who’s a former linebacker for the University of North Carolina.

“It isn’t a job -- it’s a full-time job, but you know, back then we didn’t get paid for it,” he continues. “But that was much harder [than NASCAR], because there’s just a more strenuous, longer season. Well, I don’t know about a longer season, but it was just harder -- it flat out was.”

For one thing, the level of sustained physical activity was more grueling -- “A 4 1/2-hour day, when you’re playing the whole time, is a lot harder than five or six pit stops” -- and for another, there was more pressure involved.

“The hard part comes when you’ve got a guy like Jimmy Johnson and championships on the line,” Chase continues. “So there is a whole lot of pressure. [NASCAR] is a very, very hard job. But for me, football is harder.”

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