"What are you going to do with my face when I'm dead?" Nicolas Cage "terrified" of A.I. in movies

ABC/Randy Holmes

As reported in 2023, Nicolas Cage was nonplussed about how his image was used at the end of The Flash, and in a new New Yorker interview, he reiterated concern about how his digital image might be used without his consent in the future.

In the 2023 interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, he explained he saw The Flash and was surprised to see his Superman engaged in some superheroics. "When I went to the picture, it was me fighting a giant spider. I did not do that. That was not what I did," the Oscar winner actor expressed.

"I didn't do any of that, so I don't know what happened there," said Cage, who thought his Man of Steel would only be shown posing in a "de-aged" form.

During the new interview, a publicist's reminder that he needed to "get scanned" for two upcoming projects, a film, and his forthcoming Spider-Man spin-off Noir for Prime Video, brought that stress back to the surface.

"Two scans in one day!" he exclaimed, noting, "Well, they have to put me in a computer and match my eye color and change -- I don't know."

He added, "They're just going to steal my body and do whatever they want with it via digital A.I.," venting, "God, I hope not A.I. I'm terrified of that. I've been very vocal about it."

Cage continued, "And it makes me wonder, you know, where will the truth of the artists end up? Is it going to be replaced? Is it going to be transmogrified? Where's the heartbeat going to be? I mean, what are you going to do with my body and my face when I'm dead? I don't want you to do anything with it!"

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