Watch Tom Morello jam new song "Soldier in the Army of Love" with teenage son

Credit: Chris Anthony; Comandante LLC

Tom Morello is adding more guitar firepower to his live solo band, courtesy of his teenage son, Roman.

Roman joined his dad onstage during a concert in Italy on Monday. The two jammed the elder Morello's new solo song, "Soldier in the Army of Love," which was co-written by and features Roman.

Tom posted video of the father-son live collaboration on Facebook, adding in the caption, "Roman's fans went wild!"

"Soldier in the Army of Love" premiered in June, and is the first single off what's described as the Rage Against the Machine shredder's "first ever full-length solo rock album." Morello's previous Atlas Underground solo efforts combined his guitar playing with electronic and hip-hop elements alongside guest vocalists, and he's also released a number of acoustic folk records under the moniker The Nightwatchman.

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