Watch a CGI Tom Morello parachute into Def Leppard's "Just Like 73" video

Mercury Records

Tom Morello's collaborative song with Def Leppard, "Just Like 73," now has a video.

The clip features computer-generated younger versions of the "Pour Some Sugar on Me" rockers as they head to Earl's Court in London. When it comes time for Morello's solo, a CGI kid version of the Rage Against the Machine guitarist flies into the scene on a parachute.

You can watch the "Just Like 73" video on YouTube.

The song "Just Like 73" premiered earlier in June. At the time, Morello shared, "I had a blast rocking a solo on 'Just Like 73.' I played 'Rock of Ages' in my college cover band almost 40 years ago and here Def Leppard are still killing it in stadiums with a brand new tune that’s one of their best."

Meanwhile, Morello is set to premiere a new solo single, "Soldier in the Army of Love," on Friday. The track was recorded with Morello's teenage son Roman.

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