Want to fall asleep faster? Try listening to BTS and Billie Eilish

Courtesy Darkroom/Interscope

Billie Eilish asked in her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Turns out she may be the key to finding that out, based on a new scientific survey.

NME reports Denmark researchers from Aarhus University analyzed the music folks seek to help them fall asleep and, surprisingly, classical or calming music wasn't their top pick. Instead it was Billie and BTS.

The researchers analyzed over 1,000 Spotify playlists that had to do with falling asleep, which had them looking at over 200,000 songs.

Turns out instead of listening to Mozart or Enya, Spotify users tend to use songs that bring them comfort. As for the songs that made it onto sleep-inspired playlists, researchers singled out BTS's "Dynamite" and Billie's "Lovely" collab with Khalid.

The scientists say both songs exemplify tunes that are both comforting yet energetic, which could help people drift off to dreamland. But, they also say more research is needed to prove this is the best music to nod off to. They note both artists are very popular right now, which could explain why they are on so many playlists.

Scientists need to "identify the various reasons different people choose different music for sleeping." On one hand, "softer, slower, instrumental and more often played on acoustic instruments than other music" can help people sleep, but their study "displays a large variation including music characterised by high energy and tempo."

In all, they believe this study will be helpful to "advance our understanding of how music is used to regulate human behaviour in everyday life."

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