US Virgin Islands 2024 Democratic caucus results

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(VIRGIN ISLANDS) -- The U.S. Virgin Island's 2024 Democratic caucuses are on Saturday.

The nationwide presidential nominating race, which kicked off in January, is now drawing to a close six months later.

President Joe Biden is the only major candidate still running in the territory and already clinched the party's nomination earlier this year.

There are seven delegates available to win in Saturday's caucuses.

Territory significance
As a U.S. territory -- not a state -- the U.S. Virgin Islands do not participate in presidential general elections but do help decide whom the political parties nominate as their candidates.

The territory's 2024 Republican caucuses were in February. Former President Donald Trump won.

In 2020, Biden won his party's caucuses in the U.S. Virgin Islands over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with about 91% of the vote.

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