Tyler Hubbard wants 'Strong' to showcase more of who he is

Courtesy of EMI Records Nashville

Releasing new music is more than an obligation for Tyler Hubbard. To him, it's an artistic avenue to offer glimpses of his life to fans.

"I think that's part of the goal. Sharing my art with the world is just letting them into who I am even more and getting to know one another and [hopefully] that connection through music," Tyler shares in a press interview. "That's really powerful and special."

After a year of playing songs from his 2023 self-titled debut album, Tyler says he's learned what resonates with fans and what doesn't, and has used that knowledge to create his newly released sophomore record, Strong.

"I feel like this year, for the first time after putting out my debut album, I was really able to meet and connect with my fans for the first time and see what they want and see what they were resonating with, connecting with, seeing what was missing [in the set] or what was really working, and go back to the bus and write these songs for this next album," Tyler explains.

"I feel like it was somewhat reverse-engineered for the live set as well as to get to know me even more," he says of his record-making process. "I hope with each album, the fans continue to get to know who I am."

Strong is out now wherever you get music. Its lead single, "Back Then Right Now," is currently #4 and ascending the country charts.

Here's the Strong track list:

"Wish You Would"
"A Lot With a Little"
"Night Like That"
"Take Me Back"
"Back Then Right Now"
"American Mellencamp"
"Summer Talkin'"
"'73 Beetle"


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