Teddy Swims' "Lose Control" success gives him room to "do whatever the heck I want" musically

Chapman Baehler

Teddy Swims' single "Lose Control" has just become his first top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. While he's been releasing music since 2019, this is the first song that many people have heard from him — and Teddy feels it's a perfect introduction.

"I think that song is definitely me ... it feels like me," Teddy tells ABC Audio. "And I don't think you could quite box that song [in] and say what kind of song it is ... it's so many genres at once, and genreless."

"I think for my first hit, I'm so stoked it's that one, 'cause it leaves me just with open air to just do whatever the heck I want."

Teddy says "Lose Control" is a song that seems fun, but underneath the surface it's about a drug-fueled, toxic relationship.

"The substances we were on, they kind of became the substance of our relationship," he shares. "Both of us were just addicts together, y'know?"

"And you don't really quite know that that's what that song was about," he notes. "It's, like, a happy, fun song everybody can dance to or jump to or sing along. But it is really [about] the darkest, toxic emotional relationship. ... it's a dark place for sure."

"Lose Control" is from Teddy's debut studio album, I've Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1). But given what  the song's about, has he tried therapy yet?

"I promised myself I was going to go. I think it's good for everybody to go at some point. I think no matter where you are in your life, therapy could be a good thing," he says.

"Just give me, like, another week. I promise, I'm going," he laughs. 

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