Sugar, We're Drivin Down: Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump scores new 'Hot Wheels' series

Courtesy of Netflix

Patrick Stump is getting behind the wheel of a new scoring project.

The Fall Out Boy vocalist has recorded original music for Netflix's animated kids series Hot Wheels Let's Race, set to premiere March 4.

You can watch the trailer for Hot Wheels Let's Race, which features a clip of Stump's theme song for the show, streaming now on YouTube.

"I spent a lot of my childhood in my grandpa's garage handing him tools while he worked on cars and I daydreamed about music," Stump says. "But Hot Wheels was my way of connecting to his love of cars. That's why I was so excited to get the opportunity to work on Hot Wheels Let’s Race with Mattel Television Studios."

"The word I'm always using to describe my music for this series is 'pulse,'" he continues. "There's a tempo and a rhythm that permeates the series as soon as the tires hit that iconic orange track. It's a real joy to get to be a part of that and I can't wait for another generation of kids to see Hot Wheels Let's Race on Netflix this year."

Speaking further about the project in an interview with Collider, Stump muses, "What would it sound like if I could combine Mötley Crüe with the Daft Punk Tron score?"

Stump also scores the Disney Junior series Spidey and His Amazing Friends, and he tells Collider that he hopes his next scoring project will be for a Marvel movie.

"I've been shouting about [them] forever," Stump says. "So they know. They're kind of like, 'OK, well, if anything comes up, you can stop telling us. We know.'"

Disney is the parent company of Marvel and ABC News.

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