Stapleton's anthem is right up there with Whitney's, according to Jimmie Allen


Jimmie Allen's a big fan of the national anthem, but maybe not so much of the outcome of Sunday's game. 

The "Down Home" hitmaker shared his Super Bowl thoughts on Monday, revealing he was actually at the game at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, Sunday evening.

"My God!! Chris Stapleton gave me chills," Jimmie tweeted. "Haven’t felt that since Whitney[Houston] sang the Anthem. Being in the stadium hearing him sing it live, I could feel the unity we all desire and hope for living in this country."

As for the final score, Jimmie's probably less enthusiastic, though he managed to keep it positive. 

"Proud of my @Eagles," he said. "GREAT season fellas! Let’s get back at it next season!!!"

Of course, the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 35 to 38. 

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