From soda to Switzerland: Take a peek at the goodies this year's Oscar nominees can get

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As if being nominated for an Oscar isn't enough, the run-up to the Academy Awards sees Hollywood turned into a literal free-for-all for nominees.

While the Motion Picture Academy has nothing to do with it, a company called Distinctive Assets has once again compiled a trove of goodies for this year's nominees, totaling up to $178,000, according to BuzzFeed.

According to the site, this year's selections run the gamut, from samples of Poppi, a low-calorie prebiotic soda worth around $9, to a three-night private stay at a Swiss ski chalet for the nominee and as many as nine guests, worth around $50,000.

There's also a $25,000 private show by "mentalist to the stars" Carl Christman, according to the site, and a microneedling session from the company Cynosure worth $10,000.

CNBC noted last year that the IRS views the value gift bags as taxable income -- which means the more goodies the nominees accept, the more Uncle Sam will take a bite.

Perhaps for that reason, in the more than two decades Distinctive Assets has been assembling these "Everyone Wins" gift bags, no nominee has redeemed all of them, according to the financial site.


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