The Smashing Pumpkins reveal new guitarist, Kiki Wong

Scott Legato/Getty Images

The Smashing Pumpkins have welcomed new guitarist Kiki Wong to the band.

Billy Corgan and company chose Wong after going through a reported 10,000 submissions for the position, which they'd opened up in January to anyone interested in applying.

"Reviewing the work of these incredible musicians was a herculean, albeit worthy effort," Corgan says. "First off, I really want to thank everyone who submitted materials for consideration. It wasn't an easy decision with how much great guitar playing we were lucky enough to hear and see over the past few months."

"I was a fan of Kiki's before she submitted her name to be considered -- and it's great that someone of her acumen will be part of our touring family," he continues. "I can't wait to hit the road with Kiki as part of our mad circus."

Wong, who's played with artists including Taylor Swift, Usher and Bret Michaels, adds, "It’s been an absolute wild ride, but I am beyond honored and humbled to be chosen to perform alongside some of rock's greatest and most influential musicians of all time."

"I never thought little ole 15-year-old me playing metal guitar in my bedroom would amount to this moment," she says. "It goes to show hard work and perseverance truly pays off if you're willing to push through the tough stuff, so never lose hope out there. I am so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to share the stage with The legendary Smashing Pumpkins!"

Wong, who joins the Pumpkins following the 2023 departure of longtime guitarist Jeff Schroeder, will make her live debut with the band on their European tour, which launches in June. They'll launch a U.S. tour in July, including dates with Green Day.

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