Slipknot's playing debut album in full on upcoming 25th anniversary tour

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As you might've guessed, Slipknot will indeed be playing their 1999 self-titled debut in full during their recently announced 25th anniversary tour.

Speaking with Kerrang!, percussionist M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan confirms, "We're going to play that album from beginning to end."

"You're talking about the anniversary of one of the greatest metal albums to ever release in the thought process known as reality, and you think this 54-year-old man who just told you 'I'm going out the way I came in,' you think for one moment that this album isn't going to be played in its entirety in front of, like, a hundred people, 200 people, 300 people, 50,000 people," Clown says. "I'm not going to live forever, man. Neither is everybody else."

The tour, which was announced on Monday, December 11, so far just includes dates in Europe and the U.K. for December 2024. As for whether there will be more shows added, the answer seems to be yes, possibly in more intimate venues than Slipknot usually headlines.

"We're going to have fun, too," Clown says. "So that means small shows and you won't know until you hear it. And if you heard it, you're already too late and you're not going to see it."

Slipknot's other confirmed 2024 plans include playing the Sick New World, Welcome to Rockville and Sonic Temple festivals. They're also set to introduce a new drummer after parting ways with Jay Weinberg in November.

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