Sea, sick: Peacock drops teaser to COVID documentary 'Hell of a Cruise'


What was supposed to be a luxury cruise aboard the Diamond Princess in January 2020 turned into a floating horror story when passengers and crew members were infected with COVID-19.

That's the subject of Peacock's upcoming documentary Hell of a Cruise, the teaser for which just dropped. The streamer teases, "When passengers and crew members boarded ... they had no idea that the deadly novel coronavirus boarded the ship with them," and what began as a floating paradise became a "claustrophobic nightmare."

Passengers and crew members were quarantined aboard the ship for 14 days, many in tiny rooms, turning the ship into a floating prison.

"The Diamond Princess was ground zero" for the pandemic, one interviewee says in the snippet.

The film boasts hours of never-before-seen self-shot footage from people who found themselves stranded aboard the ship, as case numbers rose -- and fear and uncertainty reached epidemic levels.

Making matters worse, a week after their trip to nowhere began, other cruise ships were put to sea, "where the same nightmare occurred again."

The documentary debuts September 14.

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