Scottish college offering crash course in Taylor Swift for clueless "parents and plus-ones"

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Some parents who take their kids to see Taylor Swift — or people who accompany Swifties to her concerts — may not necessarily be big fans. So how can they learn what to scream when, when to give Taylor a standing ovation, and what the difference is between "Bad Blood" and "Bejeweled"? One institute of higher learning in Scotland is ready to answer all those questions — for free.

While most college courses about Taylor offer deep dives into her music or career, Glasgow Clyde College has announced the Swiftie Masterclass for newbies — taught by a "Taylor Swift expert" — on May 7. That's exactly a month before the Eras Tour hits Scotland for three shows in Edinburgh.

The 90-minute course promises to make sure clueless attendees — "parents and plus-ones," as the college puts it — are up to speed on Eras Tour set lists, crowd chants and everything they'll need to get ready for the gigs. There's no word on whether or not friendship bracelet-making is one of the covered topics.

Attendance was limited, so it's no surprise the course has already reached capacity.


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