Sam Smith reveals their new era goes back to "how I was when I was younger"

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Sam Smith reveals the person we were first introduced to was not who they truly were. Instead, it marked a time when they tried to fit in.

Speaking to Rolling Stone UK, the singer says fans are now seeing a more authentic version of who they are.

Sam revealed they "wore all-female clothing and full makeup" through their teenage years and "was even more dressed up than I would be now."

So, what changed?

"People would stare at me. I became exhausted with that," the singer said, so they began "exploring a more masculine wardrobe and setting ... It just so happened that as I started to explore that, my music started to get picked up."

Sam acknowledges their debut album, The Lonely Hour, arrived at "a time when I wanted to take a break and fit in." The singer is now reversing course with their next album, Gloria, because they "got fed up with fitting in and wanted to go back to how I was when I was younger."

Gloria also marks an emotional turning point in Sam's career, because they're able "to express certain things" in their music, such as their sexuality and happiness. "Those themes were sometimes incredibly private and I felt more comfortable showing other sides of me," Sam said of their initial decision to sing about yearning and heartache.

Sam noted the change of the direction is because "I was just sick of being heartbroken."

Sam came out as non-binary and genderqueer in 2019, and is happy to be experimenting with fashion and makeup once again. The singer added, "Self-love is not a destination — it’s a daily commitment to accept yourself."

Gloria is due out January 27.

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