Ryan Gosling sings again in new 'Fall Guy' stuntman tribute

Disney/Scott Kirkland

Ryan Gosling apparently hasn't let his pipes cool down since his "I'm Just Ken" Oscar night showstopper. In a new spot promoting The Fall Guy, the Academy Award nominee goes for an eventful ride with members of his upcoming action-comedy's stunt team.

The film was directed by stuntman-turned-blockbuster director David Leitch, who calls Ryan to talk through the shots in the promo spot. Gosling learns they're shooting "like a Carpool Karaoke kind of thing" as he drives around in a green street racer.

"No singing," Leitch advises. Just pick up the stuntmen Logan Holladay, Ben Jenkin and Troy Brown.

But Ryan ignores that direction and starts blasting Journey's classic track “Any Way You Want It" — and because stuntmen are stuntmen, their pickups are anything but ordinary.

Holladay is first, insisting he drives — after popping a wheelie on a motorcycle.

As the pair drift around what's likely Universal's back lot, Gosling spots Jenkin; Holladay hits him with the car, carries him on the hood for a spell, then stops short, sending the performer rolling onto the pavement.

"You can't just get in the car, can you?" Gosling asks a crumpled Jenkin. "Where's the fun in that?!" Jenkin asks as he hops in.

The trio all take turns singing Journey, with Jenkin from the back seat giving Steve Perry a run for his money.

Then they stop for Brown, who free-falls from the top of a building to meet them, explaining he's too claustrophobic to take an elevator.

Leitch then calls them out, saying they need to reshoot, as they "don't have the rights" to the song. "Any way you want it," Ryan replies.

The Fall Guy, also starring Emily Blunt, opens May 3.


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