Russell Dickerson says Jake Scott collaboration "She Likes It" is "absolutely explosive"


Russell Dickerson and Jake Scott have a hit on their hands with "She Likes It," but the country singer says the collaboration came about naturally and grew over time. 

Russell was inspired to write with the pop singer-songwriter after their mutual friend, hit songwriter Josh Kerr, shared some of Jake's music. Russell reached out to Josh to set up a writing session for the three of them. 

"This collaboration with Jake is the definition of how something naturally happens. A friend of ours who we wrote the song with, Josh Kerr, posted one of Jake's songs, and I was like, 'Amazing, let's get with him, let's write,'" Russell recalls. "He ends up coming to town, and this is the second song we wrote together. And I was like, 'Dude, we should put this out,' because he's got his fans, I've got mine. Why not reach a broader audience?" 

That's exactly what the song did, as it expanded both singers' fanbases. Russell cites it as his fastest-climbing song at country radio (it's currently in the top 30 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart), accumulating the most streams of any song from his catalog. 

"A broader audience is exactly what's happened," he says. "It's been absolutely explosive, and it makes me so happy that people are loving this song. It's a perfect summertime jam, so I just can't believe it." 

"She Likes It" has been certified Gold by the RIAA. 

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