"The Reason" is you: Hoobastank's breakout hit joins Spotify Billions Club

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If you've been rocking Hoobastank's "The Reason" on Spotify, then the reason for their latest career milestone truly is you.

"The Reason" has hit 1 billion Spotify streams, making it the first Hoobastank song to achieve that feat.

"A billion is cool but a trillion would be awesome!" frontman Doug Robb says in a statement. "All joking aside, I feel amazed and astonished at how much life the song has had and continues to have. It's so cool that it has now been woven into a whole new generation's music taste. Let's go for another billion!"

"The Reason," a single and title track off Hoobstank's 2003 album, reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. While it brought Hoobastank mainstream success, it caused a divide among fans who preferred the band's heavier rock material.

"The song became bigger than the band," Robb told ABC Audio prior to joining the Spotify Billions Club. "So there was a little bit of a struggle — or, at times, a lot of a struggle — trying to control this thing that was out of our control, really. "

Two decades later, though, Robb sees all those Hoobastank fans come together to sing "The Reason."

"There's a cynical side of me that thinks that people who've been supporting the band from the beginning ... probably hear the song and roll their eyes a little bit," he laughed. "But then when we play it, I never get that vibe, even from fans that I've seen over 20-plus years."

In fact, Robb called "The Reason" a "highlight moment in the set."

"It hasn't gotten old, and I don't know if it ever will," he said. "I mean, how could playing something where everybody has such a positive reaction to [it], like, annoy you?"

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