Possibly record-breaking cold temperatures hit Northeast: Latest forecast

ABC News

(NEW YORK) -- A dangerous and possibly record-shattering freeze is invading the Northeast.

The cold moved into the Northeast Friday morning, with a wind chill -- what the temperature feels like -- reaching minus 21 degrees in Maine, minus 22 degrees in Vermont and minus 7 degrees in Buffalo, New York.

Boston is bracing for its coldest temperatures since 2016. By Saturday morning, it'll feel like minus 31 degrees in Boston.

Public schools in Boston are closed on Friday and sports are canceled through the weekend due to the extreme cold.

The coldest air for the Northeast will hit Saturday morning, when wind chills are forecast to plunge to a bone-chilling minus 9 degrees in New York City, minus 42 degrees in Burlington, Vermont, and minus 51 degrees in Lake Placid, New York.

The most extreme forecast is for Caribou, Maine, near the Canadian border, where wind chills could be as low as minus 55 degrees on Saturday morning. Caribou's lowest wind chill ever recorded was minus 58 degrees in 1951.

Portland, Maine, could break its all-time record low windchill of minus 41 degrees.

At Mount Washington in New Hampshire -- the highest mountain in the Northeast -- the wind chill could reach its coldest on record: minus 102 degrees.

Parts of northern Maine are also under a blizzard warning as the high winds are expected to blow snow, creating whiteout conditions.

But the bitter blast won’t last long. On Sunday and Monday, Boston is forecast to thaw to the mid-40s. New York City could reach 50 degrees by Monday.

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