'The Pentaverate': See Mike Myers, Ken Jeong, and Keegan-Michael Key star in the teaser for the Netflix series


Mike Myers is back -- and once again in prosthetic makeup -- in the teaser to his new comedy adventure series The Pentaverate [pen-TAH-ver-uht].

In the series, the Austin Powers star Myers plays multiple characters, including Ken Scarborough, a washed-up Canadian TV anchor who stumbles upon the existence of the titular secret society that has quietly steered world events for centuries, a la The King's Man

The zany teaser also showcases The Hangover series star Ken Jeong as a Las Vegas casino mogul, Keegan-Michael Key as a nuclear physicist tapped by the secret group, and Debi Mazar, who acts as the Pentaverate's secretary and "some would say the brains of the whole operation," Netflix teases.

The series also stars Absolutely FabulousJennifer Saunders, while Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, who narrates the teaser, serves as the show's narrator. 

The Pentaverate premieres May 5 on Netflix.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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