Parkway Drive releasing new album 'Darker Still' in September

Epitaph Records

Parkway Drive has announced a new album called Darker Still.

The follow-up to 2018's Reverence will arrive on September 9. It includes the previously released single "Glitch." A second cut, titled "The Greatest Fear," is out now via digital outlets.

"When Parkway originally started out, we all were trying to push ourselves to do more than we possibly could," says frontman Winston McCall. "What you hear on Darker Still is the final fulfillment of our ability to learn and grow catching up with the imagination that we have always had."

Here's the Darker Still track list:

"Ground Zero"
"Like Napalm"
"The Greatest Fear"
"Darker Still"
"Imperial Heretic"
"If a God Can Bleed"
"Soul Bleach"
"Land of the Lost"
"From the Heart of the Darkness"

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