Oscars 2021 Best Picture spotlight: 'Nomadland'

L-R: McDormand, Zhao -- Searchlight Pictures

Nomadland is a frontrunner for the Best Picture statuette at this year's Academy Awards.

It stars Frances McDormand as Fern, a widow living in a company town in Nevada. When the only industry in the town shuts down, she sells her home and most of her possessions, buys a conversion van to live in, and hits the road.

Fern travels the country, taking various jobs and making friends with and learning from fellow nomads.

The film was written, edited, produced and directed by Chloé Zhao, who cast real-life nomads in the film as fictionalized versions of themselves. If Zhao takes home the Best Director Oscar this year, she will become the second woman and the first Asian woman to win that award.

Nomadland is nominated for six Oscars and is available to watch on Hulu.

Tune in to the 93rd Oscars Sunday, April 25, live on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. 

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