Ore-Ida celebrating 20th anniversary of 'Napoleon Dynamite' with Tater Tot-protecting pants


In celebration of the cult classic turning 20 — and some memorable product placement therein — Ore-Ida has created Napoleon Dynamite-inspired pants to protect your precious Tater Tots.

In the film, Jon Heder's tumbleweed-headed hero smuggles some of his Tots into class via a zippered pocket in his pants, only for his jealous bully Randy to smash them with his foot in a fit of anger.

In a pair of new spots, Heder, in character, says he's "still haunted" by the moment and introduces the Ore-Ida Tot-Protecting Pants — a replica of Napoleon's crocodile print joggers, retrofitted with a branded pocket to keep your stash safe.

To prove it, Heder has the pants run over by Uncle Rico's sweet orange van.

Full disclosure, the fine print notes it may not work for vans IRL, but they should keep your Tots safe from an errant bully kick or a Rex Kwon Do class gone wrong.

You can get your own pair here for $20 while supplies last. Lucky!

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