Old Dominion's "Can't Break Up Now" wasn't meant to be a duet

Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Not every duet was written as one — just ask Old Dominion's Matthew Ramsey.

In a recent interview with ABC Audio, Matthew shared that the Megan Moroney-assisted "Can't Break Up Now" wasn't intended to be a duet. All that changed, however, when Emily Weisband, a co-writer on the song who he describes as "an insane vocalist," started singing on its demo.

"It just struck us like, why don't we try this? Just try a version where [we] trade off [with Emily]. And so from then on, it was like, how did we ever think this wasn't a duet?" recalls Matthew.

"Then it just became the challenge of finding the right person to add to it, or to be able to measure up to what Emily did on the demo," he shares. 

"Can't Break Up Now" is currently #26 and making its way up the country charts. You can find the track on Old Dominion's latest album, Memory Lane.

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