Nikki Glaser on why Ben Affleck "bombed" at Tom Brady roast + why the boos began for Kim K.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix

It's been a couple of weeks since Netflix's hit roast of Tom Brady, but the night's undisputed heavyweight champ, Nikki Glaser, is still unpacking it.

Glaser shared why she thought Ben Affleck "bombed" during his time at the podium, in which he was supposed to be skewering his former New England Patriot pal.

"He didn't prepare," Glaser told Barstool Sports' KFC Radio podcast.

"He's someone who's famous enough that he thinks that this is probably beneath [him] to do this," she said, speculating that Ben thought, "'I'm just gonna do a favor. It's not going to be that big of a deal.'"

Affleck's set was dubbed a "train wreck" by some online snarkers — who, incidentally, became the focus of Ben's "self-centered" set, Glaser said.

Affleck gave a mirthless tirade against online trolls instead of focusing on Brady. "You guys out there talking s*** behind your f****** keyboard, that doesn't make you a fan, that makes you a b****," the actor said in part.

Glaser offered that the normally "brilliant" Affleck either "didn't work hard enough" on it "or he just picked a bad premise and then he had to stick to it the whole time."

In a separate interview, Nikki also unpacked the booing suffered by roaster Kim Kardashian — an audience reaction that was edited by Netflix after the live event.

For one thing, Swifties weren't behind it, Glaser told the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast on Tuesday. In spite of Taylor Swift's reported feud with Kardashian, Nikki blamed "a wild guy who's a comedian" who was just "starting s***."

"He just had too many drinks or something, and he's not affiliated with Swifties or anything [and] just felt like saying a boo into the air, and apparently everyone was so riled up [they followed]," Nikki said.

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