New Years Day drops 'Half Black Heart' album title track

Century Media Records

New Years Day has dropped a new song called "Half Black Heart," the title track off the band's upcoming album.

"'Half Black Heart' is my anthem!" says vocalist Ash Costello. "The concept behind it is simple yet powerful -- no one is purely one thing. Nobody is so flawless that they have the right to pass judgment on someone else's flaws. We all exist as a mix of good and bad, innocence and guilt, a bit angelic and a bit devilish."

You can listen to "Half Black Heart" now via digital outlets and watch its accompanying live video streaming now on YouTube.

The album Half Black Heart, the fifth NYD studio effort, drops March 1. It also includes the previously released songs "Vampyre," "Hurts Like Hell," "Secrets" and "I Still Believe."

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