Netflix comedy VP insists Kim Kardashian didn't ask for her Tom Brady roast boos to be edited

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix

Netflix's recent The Greatest Roast of All Time, the all-star send-up of football legend Tom Brady, was a hit for the streaming service, notwithstanding some of the jokes about the controversy having to do with Kim Kardashian's appearance.

When the reality star and entrepreneur was first called to the podium Sunday, May 5, to take her shots at the star she was once rumored to be dating, Kim was met with boos from the crowd loud enough for host Kevin Hart to intervene.

After the live, three-hour presentation, however, the boos were silenced in post-production. To The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix's Vice President of Comedy Content Robbie Praw insisted Kim didn't demand the change.

"Post edits are standard practice for comedy specials and happen in live broadcasts, whether that's subtitles, adding things or removing things that we can't do when it's streaming live," Praw said, adding, "It's part of, quite frankly, the fun of watching it live to not miss those things."

He added, "But I will just say this, in addition to that, that no talent were [sic] consulted as part of that."

Praw also revealed that despite some scathing comedic attacks — Praw called Nikki Glaser's scorching set "exceptional," in fact — Brady was a good sport.

He called the reaction from Brady's camp after the event "positive," adding, "It was very clear that it was a very special night, both in the football world and in the comedy world, and the mood after the show was pretty jubilant."

The replay of the Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady is now available for streaming — even if the boos are not.

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