Nathan Lane and Matt Bomer to lead Hulu roomie sitcom 'Mid-Century Modern'

Photo credits: Luke Fontana - Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Ketel One Family Made Vodka

The Golden Girls was a classic, and ABC Audio has confirmed its basic premise — roommates of a certain age — is getting a gay twist for Hulu thanks to Matt Bomer and Nathan Lane, and producers Ryan Murphy, Max Mutchnick and David Kohan.

Lane and Bomer will also act as executive producers on the sitcom, called Mid-Century Modern. And while it's not a remake of Golden Girls, the similarities are there.

According to a press release, the show "follows three best friends — gay gentlemen of a certain age — who, after an unexpected death, decide to spend their golden years living together in Palm Springs where the wealthiest one lives with his mother and a naked Gen Z housekeeper."

The description concludes, "As a chosen family, they prove that no matter how hard things get, there's always someone around to remind you it would be better if you got your neck done."

Mid-Century Modern will have Bomer playing Jerry Frank, described as "pure of heart, hard of body and soft of head" — similar to Betty White's good-natured, ditzy Rose.

Lane will play Bunny Schneiderman, a character more in line with Bea Arthur's Dorothy. A "successful businessman," Bunny is "forever in search of love, but he first has to be convinced he's worthy of it."

Linda Lavin will play Lane's mother, Sybil, whose age and matriarch status mean she could be the show's take on the acerbic Sofia (Estelle Getty).

Of course, The Golden Girls also featured Blanche, the man-eater played by Rue McClanahan but the "hard body" reference to Bomer's Jerry might fit that bill, as well.

The series' pilot will be directed by TV legend James Burrows, who incidentally was also a director on the beloved '80s sitcom.

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