Miranda Lambert's first Thanksgiving with her husband was a melting pot

John Shearer/Getty Images for ACM

When Miranda Lambert sits down to her Thanksgiving table on Thursday, the odds are good there'll be quite a variety of food. 

"We had a family Thanksgiving the first Thanksgiving we were married," she tells ABC Audio, "and my parents and my brother and his husband came up to New York and all of Brendan's family came. So it was a smorgasbord of like all the things."

"It was beans and rice and eggplant parm and my brother's vegetarian, so it was his beautiful squash and veggies..." she continues. "And then my dad made, like, chicken with barbecue sauce. And I mean, it was kind of like representative of all of our heritage, so it was really cool."

You can find many of Miranda's family recipes in her "Y'all Eat Yet?" cookbook, which came out in April.

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