Mike Shinoda collects 'Already Over Sessions' performances on new EP

Warner Records

Mike Shinoda has released a new EP called Already Over Sessions.

The set collects recordings from the Linkin Park member's Already Over Sessions series, in which he recruits local musicians from a particular city to join him for a one-off performance of his new solo single, "Already Over." Episodes were filmed in Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Berlin and Tokyo.

"In making 'Already Over,' I wrote and played all the instruments myself," Shinoda explains of the project. "But to play it live, I loved the idea of playing with a range of talented musicians who were all 'locals.' This is the first and only time we all played together."

Along with the "Already Over" recordings from each city, the EP includes an a capella and instrumental version of the song as well as the original track. You can listen to it now via digital outlets.

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