Meghan Trainor says she's ready to try for baby #2: "I would love twins"

ABC/John Fleenor

Meghan Trainor wants a big family, so come this fall, she and husband Daryl Sabara are going to try to give their son Riley a sibling.

"I would love twins," the Grammy winner told Romper. "A two-for-one deal!" Meghan wants at least three kids but is open to having a fourth.

Meghan admits she had a difficult pregnancy with Riley, but that's not stopping her from going for baby number two. "I'd gained 15 Covid pounds before I got pregnant, so I felt massive," she recalled of being pregnant with her first child. "And my face was breaking out with a dermatitis, so it was like eczema all around my mouth. I had gestational diabetes, so I had to test my blood all day long. I was over it."

The "Bad for Me" singer is now learning all about the highs and lows of motherhood. When it comes to the recent nadirs of her life, she admitted Riley is saying "dada" a lot more than "mama."

"I literally had a meltdown over it," said Meghan, who blamed herself for going back to work. "But you just take all the blame [when you're a working mom]. Men don’t have that same feeling, and they're shocked that we do." 

"All the wives, all these mamas, you can't cry, you can’t be like 'Today was f***ing tough'," she declared. "Nope, you have to be like, 'Everything's perfect; we're all perfect and happy.' And it's not easy."

Meghan channels those emotions into the song "Superwoman," which'll appear on her forthcoming album Takin' It Back, due out October 21.

The singer says her husband has been wonderful and that being parents has strengthened their bond. "Life has only gotten better," she declared, saying her life is "everything I ever dreamed of."

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