Måneskin reflects on LA experience with "Supermodel": "It was very 'Californication' for us"


It's understood that Hollywood sells Californication, but Måneskin has now learned that firsthand.

The Italian rockers' latest single, "Supermodel," reflects the time they spent in Los Angeles.

"We were in LA for a couple of months, and something that really shocked us was the amount of people faking to be celebrities trying to get to the coolest party with the coolest connection," frontman Damiano David tells ABC Audio. "But at the end, they're empty shells, and you have nothing to share with them."

"You can't really talk with them," he adds. "They just want to take something from you."

In the song, David sings about a "'90s supermodel" whose "boyfriend is the rock and roll." In between, the lyrics make specific real-world references, including the site OnlyFans and the late, acclaimed '80s artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose paintings now go for record-breaking sums.

"We chose Basquiat 'cause he's American," David shares. "So it was even more getting to the point."

To complete the City of Angels vibe, "Supermodel" includes a Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque guitar riff courtesy of Thomas Raggi, who shares that he's long been influenced by the "Under the Bridge" outfit and guitarist John Frusciante.

"We [took] lots of inspiration from LA and the city," Raggi says.

He laughs, "It was very 'Californication' for us."

"Supermodel" is out now.

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