A lighter-than-usual tour schedule led Old Dominion to “really fun” idea to play surprise pop-up shows


If you’ve been following Old Dominion on social media, you might have noticed that the band is trying something different this year. While on the road as openers for Kenny Chesney’s Here and Now Tour, they’ve been making some surprise stops at small venues.

Those pop-up shows were the result of a brainstorming session on how to make the summer even more fun, the group’s Matthew Ramsey explains.

“It’s actually kind of a lighter year for us, to be on the Kenny tour, because we just play on weekends,” Matthew says. “We’re used to playing a lot more. And we were just trying to figure out how to get the most out of it. So we thought, you know, maybe we should try and do some surprise shows here and there.”

That idea has led them to small stages in Nashville, Tampa, Atlanta and more. “And so far, it’s been really fun,” the singer adds.

It’s been fun for the fans, too, although the bandmates can’t resist making a crack at the running joke they have about being mistaken for duo Brothers Osborne on social media.

“They are a little let down when they get in there and realize that the Brothers Osborne aren’t playing,” band member Brad Tursi says dryly, leading the whole band to break into laughter.

But in all seriousness, it’s extra fun because the fans camp out before free pop-up shows, Matthew says. “They wait outside these clubs all day long. I mean, they show up at 10, 11 in the morning."

Old Dominion aren’t slowing the pop-up shows down anytime soon. They’ve got one planned for Chicago this Friday night, before Kenny’s Here and Now tour stop in the city Saturday.

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