LFG: New 'Deadpool & Wolverine' shows Wade recruiting Logan to save the world

Marvel Studios

On Monday morning, Marvel Studios dropped a second trailer to Deadpool & Wolverine, and it's packed with both Easter Eggs and f-bombs.

Hugh Jackman's Logan is seen at a bar when Ryan Reynolds' titular motormouth shows up. 

"Hi, Peanut," he says, referencing Ant-Man's name for his daughter. "I'm gonna need you to come with me right now." 

Logan replies, "Look, lady: I'm not interested." 

After Wade physically tries to pick him up, Logan attempts to deploy his claws, only to suffer a performance issue, as seen in 2016's Logan. "It's quite common in Wolverines over 40," Deadpool quips.

Long story short, in the timeline Wade enters to meet his idol, this version of Logan "let down the entire world," according to Matthew Macfadyen's Paradox, and Logan can't live with the guilt. 

Deadpool tries to motivate him to jump into his world to save it — but that comes after much, much fighting between the would-be allies.

The pair trade blows against a wasteland decorated with the wreckage of the 20th Century Fox logo — a reference to the studio, and both the Deadpool and Wolverine characters, now being under the umbrella of ABC News' parent company, Disney.

"I don't know anything about saving worlds, but you do," DP implores, as Madonna's "Like A Prayer" begins, marking Logan's change of heart.

"Let's f****** go," DP says, echoed by Wolvie, and the pair are seen jumping through a portal together.

Emma Corrin plays the heavy this time around, Cassandra Nova, an extremely powerful mutant and counterpart to her twin brother, Charles Xavier. Wolverine's metal claws are no threat: She simply uses her powers to puppeteer him. 

"Boys are so silly," she says.

Deadpool & Wolverine opens July 26.

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