Lee Brice sends "Save Your Roses" to country radio in memory of his longtime friend Kyle Jacobs

Beth Gwinn/Getty Images

Lee Brice had plans to send a new single from an upcoming album to radio, but things changed when his confidant, producer and co-writer Kyle Jacobs died on February 17.

This left Lee wanting to honor Kyle's life and legacy with another single — "Save the Roses." 

The touching ballad is told from the viewpoint of someone who has passed away as he observes his bereaved family and friends from heaven. Instead of being stuck in grief, he wants them to "save the roses" and live their lives to the fullest.

In an email to radio stations and streaming platforms, Lee's label home, Curb Records, wrote, "Last week, Lee came to us with his desire to honor Kyle by releasing a beautiful song he and Lee co-wrote with another friend, Joe Leathers. The song is called 'Save the Roses,' an incredibly moving song made far more personal and poignant in light of losing Kyle."

"To respect Lee's wishes and to help honor Kyle and his legacy, we immediately pledged our support and pivoted from plan to come with a song from an upcoming project," they revealed. "Instead, we're asking our friends at radio and streaming to help us rally behind Lee and all the people that loved Kyle and support 'Save the Roses.'" 

Kyle, who was married to Kellie Pickler for 12 years, died in their Nashville home "from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in an upstairs bedroom/office," the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said.

"Save the Roses" is the fourth single off Lee's 2020 album, Hey World.

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