Lamb of God's Mark Morton marks fifth year of sobriety: "Recovery IS possible"

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton marked his fifth year of sobriety on Wednesday, December 27.

In a social media post, Morton wrote, "Today, after years of alcoholism & drug addiction, I celebrate 5 years clean & sober."

"If you're reading this & struggling with addiction, please know that recovery IS possible for you," he continued. "It's so worth it…I promise. You’re worth it. Find someone in recovery & ask for help."

Among those who responded to Morton was Nita Strauss, who wrote, "An amazing accomplishment indeed!"

"Huge congratulations - and thank you for being a light for those struggling!" the Alice Cooper guitarist added.

Morton wrote about his sobriety journey in his 2020 solo song "All I Had to Lose."

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