King Charles III and Queen Camilla: Former press secretary on their bond

ABC News

(LONDON) -- A former top aide to King Charles III is opening up about the king's work ethic, his relationship with his wife, Queen Camilla, and more in a new interview with ABC News’ Deborah Roberts.

Patrick “Paddy” Harverson, who worked closely with Charles as a communications director from 2004 through 2012, said his old boss is dedicated to his work and is ready to take over from his late mother Queen Elizabeth II, who died last Thursday at Balmoral Castle, her countryside retreat in Scotland.

“He's clearly the best-prepared monarch we've ever had,” Harverson said. “He's the hardest working person I've ever known. I mean that. He never stops, there isn't a day in the year he isn't working.”

“His job is to follow the example set by his mother and do the job to the best of his abilities,” Harverson continued. “I've never met anyone who has a deeper understanding of self, you know. He is a very, very thoughtful person. And, he has deeply held views. He will do it his way.”

As Charles assumes the responsibilities and role of sovereign, Camilla will be right next to him. The couple married in April 2005 and Camilla had to overcome the public’s less-than-popular view of her over the years.

“They've been married for 17 years now and she has been by his side, working diligently supporting him, but also pursuing her own causes, some quite challenging ones,” Harverson said. “I have no doubt that, I know there is no issue around there, she will be a popular queen.”

“They love each other,” Harverson added. “She is a source of great support, and comfort and love. They share the same sense of humor. They just blend together beautifully.”

As he steps into his new role as king, Charles appears to be focused on restoring the relationship between his two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, after a public rift seemingly drove them apart in recent years. The two brothers stepped out together publicly for the first time in two years Saturday to view floral tributes at Windsor Castle left in honor of their grandmother.

“He's a father with two sons. And I think he'll do it full of love and patience. I think this week will probably be the start of a healing period,” Harverson said. “He will do whatever he can as a father to, you know, to bring his sons together.”

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