Keyshia Cole explains return of gap: "I'm getting in character"

John Lamparski/Getty Images

When Keyshia Cole stepped onto the music scene with her 2004 debut single "Never," many took notice of her signature tooth gap. She eventually covered it with veneers, but it's back thanks to her role in an upcoming film.

Social media users were in a frenzy after Keyshia smiled and showed off her reopened gap to fans watching her Instagram Live. Twitter was flooded with posts assuming the singer was about to release music reminiscent of her early days.

"Keyshia Cole brought her gap backkkkk now you know her music bout to be," read one tweet. "Keyshia Cole gap is back," a fan wrote. "hopefully that old K.C. feel of music will follow."

It turns out Keyshia is working on a new project, but it's not music. Speaking to The Shaderoom, the singer revealed she brought her gap back for an upcoming biopic about her life.

"I’m getting in character," she said in a statement, noting she will play a younger version of herself in the movie. "[W]e start filming in Oakland on the 1st of next month [December]."

Keyshia said she got veneers because her teeth were “really small” and she “just wanted to perfect what she didn’t like about" her smile. She contemplated bringing the gap back before the movie came out, adding she "decided to make that jump" when they started filming.

The procedure cost more than $8,000, Keyshia added. She has no plans to cover her tooth gap again.

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