Kesha confirms she's working on new music

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Kesha is getting ready for her comeback.

The singer had a very on-brand way of revealing she has new music coming out soon: Instead of making a lavish, drawn-out spectacle, she went on Instagram Live for about a minute and said nothing at all. Instead, she put on a pair of shades and chomped on a massive sandwich until she abruptly ended the feed.

While some fans were left confused, others picked up on the fact she was blasting a new song in the background. Some also noted the unreleased song sounded very similar to her debut Animal era.

In the brief clip, Kesha raps over a bass-bumping beat, "Resurrection's here, can you believe it?/ I'm about to blow your f***ing head through the ceiling/ I'm getting sued because my mama's been tweetin'/ Don't f**ing tell me that I'm dealing with reason."

The lyric in question references a 2016 defamation suit brought against her mother, Pebe Sebert, by producer Dr. Luke, whom Kesha accused of sexual and verbal assault. The case against Sebert was later dismissed.

Kesha's last album was 2020's High Road, which contained the songs "Raising Hell," "Tonight" and "My Own Dance." 

A release date for the new song remains unknown.

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