Kane Brown puts on a light show for his “Grand” music video


Life is “Grand” for Kane Brown, and he’s proving it with a dazzling light show-themed music video that goes along with his fast-paced new pop song.

Kane put out “Grand” last week. Though the song comes off the track list for his upcoming Different Man album -- a project he’s described as straightforward country -- the new song is a major nod to his pop side.

In keeping with those different stylistic leanings, the music video for “Grand” is quite a bit different than the honky tonkin’ music video he put out for his last single, “Like I Love Country Music.”

This time around, Kane opts for a laser light show, putting on a dazzling and futuristic display as he sings along to the song.

It’s an impressive contrast from “Like I Love Country Music” and just goes to show that Kane is among the diverse artists in the format. Different Man will be out in full on September 9.

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