Jung Kook teams with Usher for "Standing Next to You" performance video


Earlier this month, Usher posted a TikTok of him and Jung Kook dancing to his hit "Yeah!" Usher then teased that more was coming from the duo ... and now, it's here.

The two have teamed up for a performance video for the "Usher Remix" version of Jung Kook's "Standing Next to You," from his debut solo album, GOLDEN. The track, filmed in an empty warehouse, starts with Jung Kook and a team of dancers performing the song, before he's joined by Usher. 

The clip ends with Usher and Jung Kook, without any dancers, finishing the song. While Usher is well-known for his dance ability, Jung Kook gives him a run for his money.

"Standing Next to You" is the third single from GOLDEN, following "Seven" and "3D." It peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Earlier this week, Jung Kook, along with his BTS group mate Jimin, entered the same military recruit training camp where group member Jin is an assistant drill instructor. All seven members of BTS are now in the military; they're expected to regroup in 2025.

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