Jon Pardi still owns the van he toured in at the beginning of his career

Brett Culver/CBS via Getty Images

Jon Pardi might ride a decked-out tour bus when he hits the road these days, but he wasn’t always traveling in style -- and he still owns his first touring van as a reminder of where he came from.

In a new video interview with ET Online, Jon takes fans behind the scenes for a look inside his bus and the van that started it all. His first vehicle took him to “a lot of crappy honky-tonks,” the singer jokes.

Meanwhile, the tour bus he rides these days is “all business, with a little bit of comfort” -- including a stash of whiskey to help him unwind after shows.

Jon is currently out on the road playing new music, including his latest chart-topping hit, “Last Night Lonely.” While the song tells the story of meeting a girl who just might be the one, Jon had his “Last Night Lonely” several years ago -- he’s been married to his wife, Summer, for two years.

“I still think figuring things out is a fun part of it,” Jon says of life as a newlywed. “They hate that you throw your wet gym clothes in this pile, and you have so much makeup stuff everywhere.”

Jon’s next album, Mr. Saturday Night, arrives on Friday.

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