Jimmy Eat World frontman teases set of "party jams" on Fall Out Boy tour: "I hope we don't suck"

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Somehow, Jimmy Eat World and Fall Out Boy have never toured together. However, that's about to change.

"The Middle" outfit will support the "Dance, Dance" band on their So Much for (2our) Dust run, kicking off Wednesday, February 28, in Portland. Being that Fall Out Boy has developed a reputation for having an elaborate stage show, Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins tells ABC Audio he has some ideas on how his band can match that.

"We have an animal wrangler," Adkins jokes. "We were hoping for maybe, like, a snake handler person, but that kinda didn't come through. So we have a falconer that's gonna be on the road with us ... there's some issues, I've heard, with insurance and venues, but, I don't know, we're here to make rock 'n' roll dangerous again."

Kidding aside, Adkins calls the tour, which will make stops at arenas including New York City's famed Madison Square Garden, a "big deal."

"I joke around, but it's a big deal to be invited out into these, playing these giant spaces and these places that are well known and kind of status achievement long-term things that a lot of bands never think they're gonna get a chance to do," Adkins says.

He adds, "I hope we don't suck when we do it."

For Jimmy's supporting set, Adkins teases a performance heavy on the "party jams."

"We have a couple different vibes that we like to go for, or that are interesting for us to work on," Adkins says. "We're gonna lean more towards the fun aspect of the things rather than the bummer aspect of things."

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