Jimmy Eat World announces 'Clarity: Phoenix Sessions' vinyl release

Exotic Location Recording

Jimmy Eat World has announced a vinyl release for their Clarity: Phoenix Sessions live album.

The set was originally recorded in 2021 as part of "The Middle" outfit's Phoenix Sessions streaming series and featured a performance of their album Clarity in full. The vinyl, which is due out May 24, is being announced now to mark the 25th anniversary of Clarity, which was first released February 23, 1999.

"This Phoenix Session of Clarity is our best attempt to play the album faithfully as who we are today," says frontman Jim Adkins. "I would like to think we've learned a thing or two since 1999. We're grateful for the opportunity to document where the songs are now. And thanks for coming along with us for the ride."

You can preorder your vinyl copy of Clarity: Phoenix Sessions now exclusively through the Jimmy Eat World web store.

Jimmy Eat World is set to hit the road on a tour with Fall Out Boy kicking off February 28 in Portland. In October, they'll be playing their 2001 album Bleed American in full at the When We Were Young festival.

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