Jessie J honors her "little angel baby" a year after pregnancy loss: "I feel you everywhere"

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for The Whiteley

Jessie J penned an emotional letter to her "little angel baby" a year after losing her pregnancy.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the "Domino" singer opened up about her grief journey and how that's made her more empathetic to families who suffered the same tragedy.

"A year ago today I was told my baby no longer had a heartbeat. Although I can tell the story now without crying, [I] have and still am discovering all the positives that experience gave me," the singer wrote, saying she has gained new "strength, wisdom, empathy [and] gratitude."

Jessie continued, "It still hurts and all day I have just been thinking about all the women and men and families who have been through this numerous times and how incredibly strong they are."

The singer also spoke about her grief, calling it "a weird and personal journey." She added, "Time helps but it never truly fades."

"Sending love and strength to anyone's heart that has or is experiencing this right now," she closed her letter. "And to my little angel baby. I feel you everywhere. Especially today."

Jessie clarified she feels it most "in my heart" and vowed "we'll meet one another."

A year ago, the singer shared in a since-deleted post that she had lost her pregnancy, which she had been keeping secret from her fans. Since then, she has stayed open about her healing journey, saying she wants to help others who may have been in her shoes feel less alone.

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