Jeremy Allen White may do his own singing in Bruce Springsteen movie

Disney/Randy Holmes

The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White is expected to play Bruce Springsteen in the upcoming movie Deliver Me From Nowhere, and it sounds like fans may find out if he has any of his own singing chops.

When asked by Variety if he plans to do his own singing in the film, White shared, “We’re gonna try. We’re gonna try our best.”

White seemed to suggest that him playing Springsteen isn't a done deal, and until then he doesn't seem ready to meet The Boss.

“We’ve communicated a little bit through some other people, but I hope this still all comes together,” White said. “We’ve still got a few things, we’ve got some timing stuff to work out, and I’m trying to have a bit of my own process with it before meeting the man, too.” 

He adds, “I wanna try to have an understanding, so when I meet him, I’ll have a bit of confidence somewhere in me to stand there.”

Deliver Me From Nowhere, based on Warren Zanes' book Deliver Me from Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, follows Springsteen’s efforts to make his solo album Nebraska.

Released on Sept. 30, 1982, Nebraska featured 10 acoustic songs Springsteen originally recorded as demos on a four-track recorder. Springsteen had planned to rerecord the songs with The E Street Band but instead opted to release it as a solo acoustic record. It featured such songs as "Atlantic City," "Johnny 99" and "State Trooper."

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